Some words from Nichola on her 10th Anniversary for BvT


In 2008 I became manager of Beatrice von Tresckow Designs in Montpellier, Cheltenham.

A dream for me to work for and along side a lady who is not only an incredible, well established designer but a fun, energetic, enthusiastic, driven and totally gorgeous person.

Montpellier is a retail area in a class of its own and has all the idiosyncrasies that go with it. It brings an eclectic mix of people, many of whom have walked through the doors of Number 8 Montpellier Walk.

It is these customers who have given me my fondest moments and memories of my time here, some have even become personal friends.

I have seen so many tears of joy with customers who have tip toed with trepidation into the shop with low self esteem and no confidence then left proud, happy and standing tall not before giving me the biggest hug bursting with gratitude having gained the look they never thought they could get.

My biggest joy is nurturing and taking time with my customers, listening to them and guiding them. I am, without fail, desperately honest with them. It has never lost me a sale yet and through being that way I have gained the respect and trust needed to advise and help people.

There have, of course been tough times with aggressive and rude customers, the customers who try everything on in the shop over a period of two hours, completely trash the place and then say, ‘ oh, I don’t actually want to buy anything, I just wanted a bit of fun!’…… but that’s ok too….. it is a fun shop and it’s a good test of a sustained smile!!!

We have had some hilarious times too! We had a man that used to visit us regularly, he was a little odd, then one day he took off his jumper because he was hot….but he didn’t stop at the jumper! We had to ask him to leave before he re-enacted the Full Monte!!!

We also had a lady drive in on her electric mobility scooter, which is fine, but she fell off, her handbag caught on the throttle and the scooter ran amok around the shop on its own before someone jumped on it to remove the key. The lady was fine but our sides ached with laughter afterwards.

I truly love my job. It’s never a chore to come to work or return to work after a beautiful holiday. I am so lucky to have met and continue to meet wonderful people and customers and to work with amazing colleagues and be part of a great team.
Let’s hope the next ten years is as good….


Nichola x

PS Don’t forget to celebrate our 10th anniversary with us in our Cheltenham store on Saturday the 13th of October! For more information visit -> Montpellier 10th Anniversary Party

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